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Walnut with stone routed in


Every top at Against The Grain is a custom piece, but some projects require something even more.
This is where our skilled craftspeople are able to do their best work.
We take pride in making an artistic vision come to life, so please let us know if we can help you with yours.


Also known as architectural woodworking, these pieces blur the boundary between a structure and its furniture. They provide a space with a timeless piece of artisanry to be enjoyed by not only you but generations to come.

Live Edge

Just like plants, or stone, live edge pieces invite the natural world into a space. Like nature itself, these pieces can bring daily reminders of relaxation and creativity to our lives.


Inlays are a hand tool touch on an already custom piece. Inlays can be used in many ways to enhance a project.

Custom Tables

Sometimes a well designed furniture piece is needed to finish out a room. We can build you a custom table to fit your specific size and design needs.

Breadboarded Tops

Before modern glues “breadboards” were used to hold panels together and keep them from warping. A breadboard is a board which uses internal joinery to span across the ends of a top. Despite no longer being required, these features can add a beautiful complexity to wood tops.

Imaginative Designs

We’re not afraid to work outside the box when it comes to creative design. Do you have an idea for your home or business that you want to see come to life? Let’s collaborate.