Sable Walnut Bench

We think this bench strikes the perfect balance of old-world craftsmanship and contemporary style. Made of only 4 pieces of wood, its mortise and tenon joinery was hand-cut and fitted using traditional woodworking techniques that date back centuries. The gentle curves and subtle stopped chamfers reference Gustav Stickley's Craftsman style of the early 1900s, while its overall simplicity of form root it in a contemporary aesthetic.


We call this a "Sable" Walnut Bench because of the deep dark tone imparted by our special sable finish. Without getting too technical, this is a natural chemical process that reacts with the tannins in certain woods, darkening it without the use of pigments or dyes which can obscure the wood's natural grain. (Oops, that got a bit technical anyway.) While this finish is a very popular choice on our WoodTops, for this bench we pulled out all the stops and pushed the sable coloring to the limit. The end result is a beautiful bench that approaches the clear darkness of Ebony, long considered the most rare and valuable of woods.

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